High gloss with long-lasting protection



TERRA provides an extensive range of active ingredients for the formulation of high-quality polishes. Our standard silicone fluids, organomodified silicone fluids, silicone resins and waxes, and their o/w emulsions give your polishes the right property profile for end users. Our products make rubbing out easier, enhance gloss and color depth and give surfaces long-lasting protection from environmental influences.


TERRASIL® PE polish emulsions are formulated tailor-made considering specific needs of the customers. They impart high gloss with long-lasting protection to your polishes and waxes.


TERRAFLUID® silicone fluids are ideal for formulating of top-quality polishes. They are available in a wide range of viscosities between 100 cSt and 60.000 cSt. They improve polishability, enhance shine and color depth and are characterized by effective water repellency. TERRAFLUID® silicone fluids at the lower end of the viscosity range (100 to 1.000 cSt) spread and lubricate better, whereas those at the upper end (1.000 to 60.000 cSt) yield superior gloss and depth of shade. In order to achieve optimum polishability and gloss a mixture of a low-viscosity silicone fluid (3-5 parts) and a high-viscosity silicone fluid (1 part) is recommended. Pure solvent-based paint conditioners are an exception to this rule. In this case, a higher-viscosity fluid (between 5.000 cSt and 12.500 cSt) is recommended, since polishability is also optimally enhanced.


TERRAMIN® series amino-functional silicone fluids containing various amounts of organic amino-alkyl functional groups in reactive and/or non-reactive variants. In the presence of humidity, reactive grades crosslink to form an insoluble polymer film with high detergent resistance and effective protection. Non-reactive grades are characterized by excellent active-ingredient and storage stability and do not result in unwanted build-up, even with frequent use. TERRAMIN® aminofunctional silicone fluids improve excellent polishability. Moreover they offer greater depth of shade and improve long-term water repellency. Because of these properties, they are strongly recommended for formulating of new generation car polishes.



A superior-quality silicone wax from TERRA


Our very special TERRAWAX® silicone wax product line offers by far the most effective long-term water repellency compared to standard silicone fluids, aminofunctional silicone fluids and silicone resins. They are especially suitable for very high-quality car polishes and conditioners (e.g. car polishes and hard waxes) and leather polishes.


For further information about our range for manufacturing of Auto Paint Polishes & Waxes, please contact us. Our experts will assist you in making the right choices to secure the product properties you seek.



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