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For industrial automotive designers and engineers, the surface quality of the used materials such as lighted pannel buttons or turbo charger hoses has a critical role to obtain an elegant view and a soft-touch feel. Due to this reason TERRA offers an efficient range of room-temperature-vulcanizing RTV silicone rubbers and silicone fluids which enable manufacturers making precise and long-lasting pad printing applications on various substrates such as plastics, metal, rubber, vinyl, polypropylene, silicone rubber, ceramics, composite, cotton, paper, etc. SILASTOSIL® PP line pad printing silicone rubbers are two-component, condensation-cure (tin-catalyzed) or addition-cure (platinum-catalyzed) room-temperature-vulcanizing silicone rubbers (RTV-2) and offer many critical advantages:


- optimized low viscosities, outstanding flow properties

- easy to use

- available in hardness alternatives ranging from 14 to 30 shore A

- hardness can be adjusted by adding silicone fluids 

good self-deaeration

high reactivity for rapid demolding

- almost no shrinkage

- available in two standards colours (white, red) 

- easy to be colored by adding pigment pastes wihout affecting printing quality

- exquisite, good resilience

long-term stability

- excellent tear resistance

- long-lasting and durable

- high-resistance to high temperature and aging (-60°C to 200°C)

- very precise ink transfer

- suitable for many types of ink

- ideal for pad printing on non-uniform, multidimensional surfaces 

- ideal for use on plastics, metal, glass, ceramic, vinyl, rubber, polypropylene, acrylic



TERRAFLUID® line silicone fluids are added into the silicone rubber to adjust the hardness of the printing pad. Holcosil® line colourants for silicone rubbers are used to obtain colored printing pads to be able to differentiate them regarding their hardnesses and their application fields.


For further information about our range used for Pad Printing for Automotive Parts, please contact us. Our experts will assist you in making the right choices to secure the product properties you seek.


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