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To make manuel mold design and rapid prototyping in automotive industry, and also to produce flexible molds to reproduce top-quality automotive parts and components with multidimensional surfaces and intricate details TERRA offers a comprehensive range which consists of two-component, flowable room-temperature-vulcanizing RTV silicone rubbers (RTV-2), silicone fluids in viscosities ranging from 50cst to 12,500cst, colourants for silicone rubbers, mold release agents and other complementary additives that guarantee high flexibility in design and use of material. SILASTOSIL® M line silicone rubbers are two-component, condensation-cure (tin-catalyzed) or addition-cure (platinum-catalyzed) RTV silicone rubbers (RTV-2) with excellent fidelity of reproduction, great flexibility and ability to deliver high-quality replicas with perfect precision. They are easy to use, resist tearing with repeated use, hold severe undercuts and offer many other unique advantages:


- excellent flowability

- hardness alternatives ranging from 0 to 40 shore A

- hardness could be adjusted by adding silicone fluids

- translucent or transparent colours

- easy to be colored by adding liquid pigment pastes

- well balanced pot lifes (working/operation time)

- adjustable pot life, curing and demolding times

- almost no shrinkage

- excellent natural release characteristics

- excellent non-stick effect (self-lubricating effect)

- good resistance to most acids, oils and chemicals

- very good resistance to agressive components of some types of resins

- high degree of precision in reproduction

- excellent mold release properties

- very good resistance to high temperatures and ageing (-60ºC to 250ºC) 

- optimal tear and tensile strenghts, optimal elongation rates 

- high resistance to wearign and shearing

- comply with FDA and RoHS regulations



TERRAFLUID® line silicone fluids are used to adjust the hardness of the silicone rubbers and also to obtain more cost-effective results. Holcosil® LSR line liquid colourants for silicone rubbers are ideal to color silicone molds. TERRASIL® MRA line mold release agents are formulated specificly to provide excellent results in moldmaking with different materials.


For further information about our solutions used for Moldmaking & Prototyping in automotive, please contact us. Our experts will assist you in making the right choices to secure the product properties you seek.


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