High release performance, excellent surface quality



TERRASIL® series release agents and mould release agents are designed for the production of polyurethane parts for automotive industry such as car and motor bike seats, headrest, armrest, padding and insulating panels, sound absorbing foams, dashboard, buttons and other indoor and outdoor automotive parts


Formulated as water- or solvent-based release agents, TERRASIL® MRA and TERRASIL® PRA series polyurethane mould release agents are suitable for broad range of polyurethane systems such as MDI and MDI/TDI based cold-cure polyurethane foam, cold-cure and semi rigid foam, rigid and RIM, R-RIM, S-RIM, integral skin and cast elastomer systems. They are known for application ease, minimal build-up, higher productivity, and lower reject rates. They provide smooth-running processes and high quality products - perfect demolding of the moulded polyurethane part and improved optics and surface quality of the shaped articles.


TERRASIL® series polyurethane mould release agents are available in a wide selection, as customized product modifications, in the form of high-concentrated fluid liquids or ready-to-use aqueous emulsions. Our sales and technical staffs provide on-site technical support during product early development and finalisation at the customers premises, suggesting the most appropriate technical solutions in terms of both performance and cost-effectiveness and offering an efficient after-sales services. 


For further information about our extensive range for the manufacture of Moulded Polyurethane Parts for Automotive, please contact us. Our experts will assist you in making the right choices to secure the product properties you seek.



molded polyurethane parts for automotive

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