Unique perfomances through right materials 
As compared to other methods and materials, liquid injection molding method (LIM) and liquid silicone rubbers (LSR' s) offer very critical benefits for manufacturing of top-quality and high-precision automotive parts and components that have high volume demands. Because of this reason TERRA offers a comprehensive range which consists of efficient and effective solutions including pumpable liquid LSR silicone rubbers (incl. oil resistant fluoro liquid silicone rubbers), liquid  colourants for silicone rubbers, performance enhancing additives for silicone rubbers, and also bonding agents to bond silicone rubber parts to substrates such as plastic, metal, vinyl, glass, rubber or fabric. SILASTOSIL® LR line liquid silicone rubbers are highly transparent, two-component (1:1 mix), addition-cure liquid silicone rubbers and ensure to manufacture top-quality, long-lasting, durable, high-performance and high-presicision automotive parts and components with unique geometries, whether simple or complex:


- ring seals, single-wire seals, housing seals

- O-rings

durable O-rings that are used in seat heaters

- hoses

- grommets, inner grommets

- self lubricating components

- membranes

- anti-drain back flow valves

- lighted panel buttons

- wiring harness components

- soft-touch components such as buttons or components

- lighted panel buttons

- spark plug boots

- gaskets and seals used in engine or interior components

- dampers

- noise reduction folds

- bellows

- protective caps

- insulators, connectors

- multi-component parts (overmolding LSR to metal or plastic)

Thanks to their unique features SILASTOSIL® LR line liquid silicone rubbers provide many critical advantages:
- available in hardness alternatives ranging from 20 to 90 shore A
- highly transparent
easy to be colored by adding liquid pigment pastes
- optimized viscosity and flowability for liquid injection molding 
- reduce stick and improve slippage for parts that are continually in motion
perfectly suited to manufacture high volume, high precision parts 
- ideal to manufacture parts with unique geometries, whether simple or complex
- superior resistance to oil and other harsh chemicals
- improve part function while reducing or eliminating assembly costs
transparency, pliability, and smooth feel for buttons that allow for flow of light
- design flexbility to produce parts to protect electrical components
withstand high temperatures without detriment to the part’s properties
- overmolding directly onto other components, eliminating assembly steps&time
- resistance to extreme temperatures  (-50˚C to 300˚C)
maintain mechanical properties in extreme temperatures
- high thermal stability and non-aging characteristics
- superior elongation resistance and tear resistance
- high o-zone resistance and UV resistance
- superior acid and oil resistance (fluoro-liquid silicone rubbers)
- ideal for impact applications and resonance dampers
- ideal for special seals and gaskets used in engine or interior components
- ability to be incorporated into an LSR/Thermoplastics/ multi-component part
- economic and cost-effective
- comply with FDA and RoHS regulations fully


For further information about our solutions used in liquid injection molding systems for manufacturing of Injection Molded Automotive Parts, please contact us. Our experts will assist you in making the right choices to secure the product properties you seek.



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