Optimal results require intelligent solutions
To manufacture long-lasting, durable, top-quality and high-precision automotive parts and components with compression molding method TERRA offers a comprehensive range including heat-cure and high-temperature-vulcanizing HTV silicone rubberscolourants (pigment pastes & masterbatches) for silicone rubbers, peroxides and catalysts, adhesives and bonding agents for silicone rubbers, performance enhancing additives for silicone rubbers, mold release agents and other complemantary additives that meet every specific need of the automotive industry. SILASTOSIL® HTV line high-termperature-vulcanizing silicone rubbers are widely used to manufacture high-quality and high-precision automotive parts and components in economic way, including:
- O-rings
- seals
- gaskets
- grommets
- hoses
- tubes
- electrical cables
- buttons
- insulators
- connectors
- damping elements
SILASTOSIL® HTV line high-temperature-vulcanized silicone rubber compounds have many critical advantages:
- a wide range of hardness alternatives ranging from 20 to 90 shore A
- well balanced viscosity characteristics
- easy to be colored by adding pigment pastes
- superior resistance to extreme temperatures (-50°C to 300°C)
- well suited to manufacture high volume, cost-effective parts
- good resistance to oil and other harsh chemicals
- optimized thermal stability and non-aging characteristics
- outstanding mechanical and electrical insulating properties

- good elongation and tear resistance

- good o-zone and UV resistance

- shortened development time
­- optimized manufacturing capabilities
- cost-effective
Holcosil® HTV line pigment pastes formulated for high-temperature-vulcanizing silicone rubbers from Holland Colours are ideal to manufacture high-quality and cost-effective automotive parts. They meet changing needs for innovation, technical support, convenience and cost-control in the automotive industry. TERRASIL® AUX G line bonding systems are used to bond silicone rubbers to various surfaces such as metal, plastic, rubber, vinyl, glass or fabric. TERRASIL® MRA line mold release agents are cost-effective and efficient solutions to obtain smooth and rapid demolding processes and high-quality surfaces by the end-products.
For further information about our solutions for manufacturing of Compression Molded Automotive Parts, please contact us. Our experts will assist you in making the right choices to secure the product properties you seek.

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