Improve spray coverage, reduce spray volume



TERRASIL® WA 4455 Agro Adjuvant is a new generation silicone surfactant with very good spreadability. This superspreading surfactant also known as superwetting agent is mainly used as additive for irrigation water or as pesticide additive, coating agent and cleaning agent. It improves properties such as wettability, adhesion and spreading of spray droplets, thus contributing to better retention, persistence, and absorption and penetration of the active ingredient into the target species. As result, an increase in productivity and profitability to the farmer can be expected.


Thanks to outstanding properties TERRASIL® WA 4455 Agro Adjuvant makes handling and application easier, and guarantees better performances in cultivation: 


- very good spreadability and penetrability

- improve wetting and slipping effect of the coating

- improve agrochem effect

- promotes spray volume reduction

- promotes rapid uptake of agrochemicals (rainfastness)

- improve spray coverage

- nonionic

- colorless

- good stability and compatibility with other anionic ingredients

- neutral pH

- superspreader for soluble liquid and emulsifiable concentrate formulations

- long shelf life

- meets requirements of EPA 40CFR§180.910

- alternatives with antifoam effect



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superspreading surfactant

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