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For liquid injection molding (LIM) applications TERRA offers a comprehensive range which consists of pumpable liquid silicone rubbers (LSR), colorants for silicone rubbers in an unlimited variety of colors, and other complementary additives such as silanes, adhesives and flame retardants. 
SILASTOSIL® LR line liquid silicone rubbers (LSR) are highly transparent, pumpable two-component silicone rubbers (1:1 mixing ratio) designed specially for manufacturing of high-precision parts in large quantities with liquid injection molding method. They are ideal to produce numerous articles including baby articles such as baby nipples and bottles, and also for high-precision electronic parts, or medical devices such as catheters and diaphrams. They guarantee high productivity in liquid injection molding applications:
- healthcare and medical devices
- cosmetic applicators
- orthopedics articles, prosthesis, artificial limbs
automotive engineering parts and components
- multi-component housings
- silicone vibration dampers
- food contact parts, drinking water and waste water contact parts
- electrical and electonic parts
- insulating and safety applications
- baby articles, toys
- sports articles
- kitchenware, backware
- silicone molds (mold making)
- general purpose silicone rubber insulators, O-rings, gaskets, grommets
- silicone rubber seals, dispensers, valves, membranes
- printer rollers
- irrigation and filtration components
- overmolded parts


SILASTOSIL® LR line liquid silicone rubbers (LSR) are the first choice of the manufacturers due to their outstanding physical and chemical properties, and their value-adding performances:

­- ideal for tight tolerances whether the part has simple, complex or unique geometries
- precise tolerances and uniform thicknesses throughout the part are possible
- provide high flexibility, allow for elongation with no permanent deformation
- provide excellent surface qualities, purity and greater clarity
- will not severely degrade over time, even when exposed to UV or variable temperatures
maintain high resilience and low compression set
- offer high thermal stability, o-zone and UV resistance
- provide long-term, non-aging mechanical properties in challenging conditions
- allow for a very long part life
- high biocompatibility, inorganic and hypoallergenic nature, lack of odor/taste
- easy to colour with liquid colorants for silicone rubbers
- highly flowable, easy to pump
- suitable for high-pressure liquid injection molding systems
molding can be done also at low injection pressures
­- assure excellent processing performances
- suitable for any type of mold
- guarantee flashless, runnerless molding
- increase productivity
­- enable faster cure speeds
­- reduce cycle times, and production and assembly costs
- save in working time and energy
- suitable for food-contact, skin-contact and medical applications
- can be chemically and mechanically bonded onto thermoplastics
- can be bonded to metals with an integrated adhesive or mechanical bonding
Holcosil® line liquid colorants for silicone rubbers have food contact status, comply with FDA, BfR and Koshar regulations, provide excellent performance in automatic or semi-automatic mixing systems. They are also suitable for manual mixing. They are very effective, do not affect the product performances in terms of physical and mechanical properties, and provide smooth, glossy and excellent surface qualities.

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