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For silicone rubber extrusion applications TERRA offers a comprehensive range which consists of high-temperature-vulcanization silicone rubbers (HTV, HCR), colorants for silicone rubbers, and other complementary additives , such as fillers, catalysts and performance enhancers. SILASTOSIL® HTV line heat-cure, high-temperature-vulcanization silicone rubbers (HTV), Holcosil® line  colorants for silicone rubbers (masterbatch), and TERRASIL® AUX line performance enhancing additives guarantee novel performances at the end-products. TERRASIL® AUX G line adhesives & bonding systems help manufacturers to meet highest standards by reducing their costs
SILASTOSIL® HTV line high-temperature-vulcanization silicone rubbers are the first choice of many industries due to many reasons:
- excellent processability and suitability for continuous systems
- availability in a wide variety of hardness, ranging form 10 to 90 shore A
- high purity, high transparency
- anti-yellowing
- very good overall mechanical properties
- excellent tear strength
- excellent tensile set
- strong resilience
- high abrasion resistance
- chemically extremely stable and for use with many acids and alkalis
- high thermal stability, weather stability (-60°C to 300°C), ageing resistance
- low permeability to gases
- flame resistance
- resistance to ozone, oxidation, UV, corona discharge and cosmic radiation
- outdoor color stability
- suitable for food-related applications 
- suitable for medical and laboratory tubing
- suitable for pharmaceutical components 
- suitable for direct contact with drinking water and beverages
- suitable for electrical insulating and cable harnessing
can be calendered to thin sheets, e.g. for fabric coating
- easy to mix with additives
- easy to color with color pastes (masterbatch)
- excellent surface qualities
- cost-effective
SILASTOSIL® HTV line HTV silicone rubbers are peroxide- or platinum-cured systems, comply with FDA and RoHS regulations, and ideal therefore for manufacturing of numerous articles with extrusion method:
- silicone coated cables
- EMI/ RFI conductive and insulating profiles
- sponges and solid strips with adhesive liners
  • - cords
- bumpers
- door and window seals, door sweeps
- hoses for turbocharger and radiator
- o-rings, gaskets, seals, tubings
- food oven and cart seals, gaskets and fluid handling
- washers and seals for electronics and electrical equipment
- architectural and window seals
- electrical connector seals
- fiberoptic sheathes
- industrial louvers and HVAC equipment
- automotive electrical enclosure weather seals
- valve seals
- door seals
- expansion joints
- food grade seals
- high temperature seals
- low temperature seals
- outdoor electrical enclosures and cellular telecommunications enclosures
- water purification and filtration seals and tubing
- silos and storage tank seals and tubing
- medical seals and tubing
- aerospace and military seals and gaskets
- dairy seals and fluid handling tubing
Holcosil® HTV line colorants for slicone rubbers (masterbatch) and TERRASIL® AUX line additives for silicone rubbers guarantee higher flexibility of use and exceptional product performances. They comply with FDA and RoHS,  ideal therefore for food related and medical applications.
TERRASIL® AUX G line adhesives & bonding agents are widely used to bond silicone rubber parts to themselves, or to plastic and fabric substrates, and metals including steel, stainless steel, aluminium and brass.
For further information about our solutions for silicone rubber Extrusion, please contact us. Our experts will assist you in making the right choices to secure the product properties you seek.

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