Resilience, softness and dimensional stability



In fiberfill preparation and fiberfill finishing TERRASOFT® OPE line silicone emulsions provide the ideal combination of softness and resilience with high efficiency and easy handling. They are formulated as one- or two-component systems which consist of a silicone emulsion of high-viscosity silanol-terminated silicone fluid and a silane coupling agent. Their softening and lubricating effects help reduce friction between the individual fibers, promoting a pleasant soft hand. The crosslinked structure of the finish promotes the natural elasticity of the fiberfill wadding. Fiberfills finished are generally used in cushions, blankets, sleeping bags, stuffed toys and functional sportswear.


TERRASOFT® OPE 5065 is used for the impregnation of all kinds of fibers and textiles including fiberfill, knit goods and machine washable wool. It imparts a very elastic, soft and drapable touch with elasticity and water-repellency. When applied under the right conditions, TERRASOFT® OPE 5065 may enhance also the color fastness of colored articles. This top quality silicone based elastomeric coating is easy to formulate (highly soluble in water), produces ideal lustrous effects on almost all textile materials, enhances the color fastness, provides elastic, soft and drapable touch, increases elasticity and resilience properties by imparting excellent water repellency that reduces water absorption.


TERRASOFT® OPE 2144 is particularly used for fiberfill finishing to produce siliconized fiberfill products such as filling fiber for upholstery, fiber balls, wadding, shoulder padding, plush toys, pillows and quilts. It provides a pleasant softness and slipperiness by imparting high elasticity and permanent resilience with high volume recovery to polyester fill fibre. TERRASOFT® OPE 2144 performs shape-stabilising characteristics by combining softness and resilience with high efficiency and easy handling.


TERRASOFT® OPE line silicone emulsions can be used with crosslinkers TERRASIL® 1200 SILANE and TERRASIL® 1220 SILANE to enhance the surface properties of the fibre as well as the desired fiberfill effects. 


For further information about our silicone-based elastomeric coating solutions for Fiberfill Preparation and Fiberfill Finishing, please contact us. Our experts will assist you in making the right choices to secure the product properties you seek.


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