High flexibility and high protection for electronic parts

Potting and encapsulation with silicone rubbers are the particularly efficient ways for insulating, bonding and protecting in electronics. These applications have proved ideal for partial or complete covering of the electronic parts and components. SILASTOSIL® EP line electronic potting and encapsulation silicone rubbers are available as flowable RTV-2 silicone rubbers or liquid LSR silicone rubbers with a wide range of hardness alternatives. They are applied on various surfaces, including poly-carbonate (PC), PP, ABS, PVC and metal. They ensure a consistently high level of potting quality for numerous articles, such as LED lights, LCD displays, connectors, cables, ballasts, relais, home appliances motors, capacitors, sheathed heating elements, capacitors, sensors, transducers, thermosensors, noise reduction filters, transformers, no-frost motors, power semi-conductor modules, inductors, microchips, hybrid circuits, printed circuit boards (PCB), and solenoids.
SILASTOSIL® EP line electronic potting RTV-2 silicone rubbers have unique features and benefits:


- high-transparent (crystal clear), translucent-opaque or white colors

- easy to color with liquid pigment pastes

- optimal flowability and low viscosity

- highly thixotropic

- easy pouring operation

- ideal curing time and operation times (pot life) at room temperature

- curing time and pot life can be adjusted by using different catalysts

- suitable for use in manual and automatized processing systems

- very good bonding feature, good adhesion to plastic housings

- high flame and temperature resistance (up to 300°C)

- high thermal conductivity

- flexible at particularly low temperatures (down to -100°C)

- good temperature-cycling resistance

- easy degassing

- low level of outgassing

- low shrinkage

- low bleeding levels of uncrosslinked components

- pronounced damping

- specified, low ion content

- comply with FDA and RoHS requirements



For further information about our solutions for Electronic Potting & Encapsulation, LED Filling, please contact us. Our experts will assist you in making the right choices to secure the product properties you seek.



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