Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation of Chemicals



REACh (Registration, Evaluation and Authorisation of Chemicals), the most significant change in the European Union’s (EU) chemical management history, went into effect in June 2007. While REACh is a EU regulation, it applies to materials coming into the region from around the world, making the law a global compliance matter.
The objective
REACh aims to better protect human health and the environment as well as enhance the competitiveness of the chemical industry by fostering innovation. For producers, importers and users, this means that chemicals can't be marketed without the corresponding data. As per the schedule of deadlines and the requirements (staggered by volume produced/imported), producers and importers must evaluate the risks associated with each substance, develop suitable measures for ensuring its safe use and inform their customers. High-risk substances will undergo a rigorous authorization procedure. Some 30,000 existing substances already on the European market will have to be registered with the new Helsinki-based European Chemicals Agency. This agency will make non-confidential data about substances and their risks available via its internet database. Consumers now have the right to find out whether products contain substances that give serious cause for concern.
At TERRA we support the principle of a more effective chemicals regulatory system in order to deliver sustainable health and environmental safety benefits.
Our commitment
We offer pre-registered substances in our product portfolio for which we have responsibilities and obligations to do so under REACh. We are working with raw material suppliers which are totaly in compliance with REACh regulations to ensure our own compliance.
We actively seek dialog with our suppliers to ensure compliance with REACh provisions. We have a close communication between our suppliers and our customers with regard to a substance's use to ensure that all are aware of any potential risks and possibilities of exposure (for humans and the environment), as well as the proper measures for protecting humans and the environment.
Our safety data sheets explain the applications and possible risks
As TERRA we ensure that our products pose no risk to humans or the environment if used properly. Product information data sheets are constantly updated. Safety Data Sheets explain what measures should be taken to contain risk when using our products. To enable our products to be used in a wide range of applications, product descriptions will refer to various use and exposure categories that cover several individual uses and exposure scenarios. Existing Safety Data Sheets will be updated as soon as safety assessments and substance safety reports of our suppliers have been compiled for registration. We currently provide Safety Data Sheets for all our sales products regardless of legal provisions.
For further information about REACh, please contact us. Our experts will answer your questions about the regulations and provide the needed technical documents of our products. 



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