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For the natural and synthetic yarn finishing, elfay yarn elastomeric coating and finishing processes, TERRA offers effective, reliable and cost-cutting solutions based on new generation silicone polymer technologies. These solutions, which have been developed to give yarns such as brightness, softness, slipperiness, fluency, elasticity, stretching and springiness (resilience), high heat resistance, water repellency, are primarily preferred in yarn finishing processes due to their comfort of use, their performance in manufacturing processes and their cost-reducing qualities. they are:

- Thread Lubrication

- Polyester Fiber Elastomeric Finishing

New generation polydimethylsiloxane silicone oils, aminofunctional silicone oils, micro and macro emulsion type textile softeners, OH polymers and OH polymer emulsions, silanes, binding agents and cross-linkers and defoamers that serve to provide foam control in textile finishing processes. they fully meet the needs in textile and yarn finishing processes.