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Developing collaborations with global technology leaders in the field of silicone rubber and elastomer, TERRA offers a comprehensive range of high-tech RTV, LSR, HTV and HCR type silicone rubbers. These high-quality silicone rubbers, which exhibit excellent performances in terms of mechanical and chemical qualities, are primarily preferred by both amateur and industrial users due to their unique qualities, the properties they provide in the final product and their cost-reducing additives:

- RTV Silicone Rubbers, RTV-2 mold silicones - for hand casting

- LSR Liquid Silicone Rubbers - liquid silicone rubber for injection molding

- HTV Silicone Rubber Dough - for silicone rubber die casting and extrusion

SILASTOSIL® M series silicone rubbers developed for manual casting processes are RTV-2 type two-component liquid silicone rubbers that cure at room temperature. Silicone casting mold manufacturing, mold making, copying, model design and rapid prototyping, architectural restoration processes, shoe and slipper sole mold, candle mold, soap mold, scented stone mold, chocolate mold, cake sugar mold manufacturing, wood imitation polyurethane and polyester furniture parts, decorations, frame and decoration articles are the main uses.

SILASTOSIL® P series silicone rubbers developed for the manufacture of orthoses, prostheses and medical devices are RTV-2 type two-component (1: 1 mixing ratio), transparent, odorless, FDA approved liquid silicone rubbers that cure at room temperature. They are ideal for the production of medical materials such as orthopedic insoles, toe reels, bion protectors, metatarsal pads, medical equipment such as artificial limbs and prostheses.

SILASTOSIL® EP series silicone rubbers developed for electronic protective coating, insulation coating and encapsulation applications are transparent and super transparent, odorless, honey viscous liquid liquid silicone rubbers, cured at room temperature and frozen. Processes such as water and sound insulation, heat insulation, pressure protection coating, sealing, body protection, armor coating, hot placement, bonding, joining, retaining and fixing, pin insulation and roving filling are the main application areas. Electronic module, sensor, temperature sensor, image sensor, sound sensor, electronic sensor, connector, relay, transformer, transistor, isolator, resistance, capacitor, inductor, regulator, LED light strip, LED bulb and LCD display, integrated circuit board PCB and They are preferred primarily in the manufacture of electronic elements such as microchips and device components.

SILASTOSIL® PP series liquid silicone rubbers developed for pad printing applications are two-component RTV-2 type two-component liquid silicone rubbers that cure at room temperature, are odorless, white, highly flexible and soft, providing excellent print qualities and long life.

SILASTOSIL® LR series LSR type two-component (1: 1 mixing ratio) liquid silicone rubbers developed for the production of silicone rubber objects by Injection Molding method are transparent, odorless, FDA approved, high performance liquid silicone rubbers suitable for food contact and medical use. Manufacture of objects such as pacifier, baby items such as bottle, kitchenware, low current insulator, high voltage insulator, surge arrester, gasket and insulation profile, gas mask mouthpiece, snorkel are the main uses.

SILASTOMER® LR series liquid silicone rubbers developed for the production of medical instruments and high precision medical parts in the clean room environment by Injection Molding method, LSR type two-component (1: 1 mixing ratio), odorless, super transparent, conforming to ISO 10993 and USP Class VI standards and They are FDA approved liquid silicone rubbers. Manufacturing of surgical and medical instrument parts, syringes, ambu set, chest sheath, nipple protector, valve, valve, syringe plug, medical bearing, medical seal and similar high precision medical objects are the main uses.

Developed for Textile Printing and Non-Slip applications, TERRACOAT® LR series liquid silicone rubbers are two components, LSR type, fixed in high temperature, super transparent, odorless, can be used in manual or automatic printing systems, suitable for direct and continuous contact with the skin, FDA approved liquid silicone rubbers. These liquid silicone rubbers, which provide a strong adhesion to natural or synthetic yarns and any kind of fabric made of these mixtures, are ideal for processes such as silk printing, plate printing, screen printing, injection printing, embossing printing, high printing, embossing printing, sealing sealing and non-slip. . TERRACOLOR® series can be easily colored with liquid Pigment Pastes. TERRACOAT® series textile printing silicones, which have soft touch characteristics and softness can be adjusted according to the user request, are ideal for the production of all kinds of clothing and home textiles including baby textiles.

SILASTOSIL® HTV series silicone rubber pulps developed for Die Casting and Extrusion processes are high

SILASTOSIL® HTV series HTV type silicone rubber pulps developed for the production of silicone products by silicone rubber die casting and silicone rubber extrusion methods as well as textile printing applications are high purity, transparent, non-filling, basic silicone rubber pulps. Silicone cable, high voltage insulator, surge arrester, keypad, phone case, silicone automotive part, turbocharger hose, gasket, insulation seal, window and door wick, printer roller, cake mold, transparent hose, medical hose, printer roller and textile roller SILASTOSIL® HTV series, which are ideal for the production of products made of silicone rubber, such as silicone rubber, are preferred by the manufacturers for the benefits and advantages they provide.

- They are odorless

- They are transparent color

- Chemical purity levels are excellent

- They do not contain fillers

- They can be used comfortably with existing peroxide and platinum catalysts

- Effortlessly with pigment pastes They are colored.

- It is possible to add a high amount of filling inside them.

- They do not cause air bubble formation during mixing.

- After curing, they are separated by event their structure does not deteriorate in wide temperature ranges. / p>

- Resistant to acids, chemicals and stain removers.

- Resistance to friction and aging is very good. p> - They comply with employee health, human health and environmental regulations

- They are economical

- Storage and shelf life are long

HTV Silicone Rubber Doughs and used with them Call us to learn more about our solutions. Our expert team is ready to support you to get the right options with the features you are looking for.

Having a global knowledge and field experience based on many years in the field of silicone polymer and elastomer, TERRA is a two-component LSR fluid that is cured under high temperature, developed for textile printing and non-slip applications with silicone injection molding. Offers a comprehensive range of silicone rubbers. SILASTOSIL® LR series LSR liquid silicone rubbers, TERRACOAT® series textile printing silicones and silicone rubbers for coloring purposes TERRACOLOR® LSR series liquid Pigment Pastes are primarily preferred by manufacturers aiming high strength, high quality and low cost manufacturing:

- Injection Molding and Molding

- Textile Printing and Anti-Slip

- Cable Fasteners, Composite Silicone Insulators

SILASTOSIL® LR series liquid silicone rubbers odorless, high purity, LSR type liquid silicone rubbers, which are two component (1: 1 mixing ratio), cured under high temperature and suitable for Silicone Rubber Injection Molding process. They are REACH registered, they are suitable for medical use in accordance with USP Class VI and ISO 10993, are suitable for the manufacture of baby care products such as silicone molds and nipple tips used in the food industry in accordance with FDA norms, and they also find use in the manufacture of silicone rubber auto parts and electronic materials that require high strength. .

TERRACOAT® LR series liquid silicone rubbers are odorless and colorless silicone rubbers developed for Textile Printing and Anti-Slip applications. These liquid silicone rubbers used with techniques such as silk printing, screen printing, plate printing, injection printing, embossing printing, embossing printing, hot stamping, sealing sealing, plastering, dipping and impregnation, natural or PES nylon type synthetic yarns such as cotton, wool, linen and they can be safely applied on all types of fabric and denim made from their mixture. These high quality LSR liquid silicone rubbers registered in REACH are also ideal for textile printing processes in accordance with OEKO-TEX® requirements.

Holcosil® LSR series liquid silicone rubber paints and liquid Pigment Pastes RAL and Pantone codes They are dyes produced by colors and have high coloring power. They do not impair the mechanical and chemical qualities of the objects made of silicone rubber produced by Silicone Rubber Injection Molding. They enable more smooth, brighter, more elastic and more durable prints in Textile Printing and Anti-Slip applications. They do not dust during use, they dissolve rapidly and homogeneously in the silicone mixture they participate in, and their coloring power is very high. These liquid silicone rubber paints, which are REACH registered, comply with ROHS directives, FDA, BfR and Koshar certified, are used safely by professional manufacturers.

RTV-type SILASTOSIL® series silicone rubbers that cure at room temperature are RTV-2 type two-component (Base and catalyst) silicone rubbers. Applications such as molding, copying, rapid prototyping, modeling shoes and slipper sole by duplicating original objects, producing aluminum casting molds, pad printing, protective and insulation coatings in electronics.

Ease of use, flexibility, SILASTOSIL® series RTV silicone rubbers, which exhibit high performances in terms of tensile and tear resistance, high temperature resistance, high voltage resistance, abrasion resistance, resistance to external factors and acid resistance, polyurethane for the manufacture of wooden imitation furniture, souvenirs, frames and decoration materials. and polyester casting molds, economic casting molds for the manufacture of scented stones, candles, soaps, light alloy metal objects, food-grade silicone casting molds for food manufacture as well as LED bulb, pad printing silicone, orthosis, prosthesis and toy gi Ideal for the manufacture of objects:

- Molding, Prototyping, Casting Mold

- Orthosis, Prosthesis and Medical Products

- Pad Printing and Transfer

- Electronic Protective Coating, Encapsulation

For applications made with SILASTOSIL® series RTV-2 silkon rubbers, frost-accelerating catalysts, viscosity stabilizing agents, thixotropic agents, coloring silicone rubbers Liquid pigment pastes, silicone oils for softness adjustment and dimethicone, performance enhancing additives, mold release agents and fillers such as powder silica are comprehensive solutions we offer for professional users.

More detailed information about RTV Silicone Rubbers and other solutions call us to obtain. Our expert team is ready to support you to reach the right options with the features you are looking for in the most favorable conditions.