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SILASTOSIL® HTV series, which is one of the new generation silicone elastomer technologies, is a high performance, reliable and economical solutions developed for the production of silicone rubber products by extrusion method. Ideal for the production of silicone cable and tubing, surge arrester and high voltage insulator, silicone tubing, hose, insulation profile, window and door wick, sealing cord, silicone gasket and felt, cake mold and pan mat, transparent medical hose, diaphragm and similar products. these solutions are of high chemical purity, are easy to use and cost-oriented. SILASTOSIL® HTV series silicone rubber pulp (HTV), which can provide all the targeted properties in the final product in terms of mechanical and chemical properties, are primarily preferred in silicone rubber extrusion and silicone rubber die casting applications because of the benefits and advantages they provide:

- They are opaque transparent.

- They are odorless

- They are in form of 100% pure silicone rubber.

- They do not contain fillers

- They do not contain solvents and similar toxic, toxic and carcinogenic substances.

- They are used by mixing with peroxide and platinum catalysts.

- Easily kneaded in the mixer, pass easily through extrusion

- They do not stick to the mold in die casting, they separate on their own

- Operation and freezing times are ideal

- Hardness level options from 20 to 80 shore range available

- They are easily colored with dough-type pigment pastes.

- They are resistant to acids, oils and chemicals

- Their heat resistance is very good, their structure does not deteriorate between -50ºC and 250ºC

- The electrical conductivity and insulation levels are excellent

- They are resistant to high voltage (surge arrester, high voltage insulator manufacturing)

- UV, ozone and corona resistance is very good

- They do not cause yellowing and discoloration problems over time

- They save energy, labor and time

- They are suitable for use in food and medical fields.

- comply with FDA, REACH and ROHS regulations

- They are economical

- Storage and shelf life is long

Holcosil® HTV series dough type high concentrated pigment pastes produced by Holland Colors are effective, reliable and cost-oriented solutions used to color silicone rubber paste (HTV). Their coloring performance is excellent, they do not spoil the mechanical and chemical qualities of the manufactured product, they obtain bright and high quality surface qualities, are FDA (USA) and BfR (Germany) certified, REACH registered, they are suitable for use in baby goods, food, health, medical, electrical and electronic industries.

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