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SILASTOSIL® HTV series HTV Silicone Rubber Doughs are reliable and economical solutions developed for the production of silicone-made objects with the press casting method. They are transparent and odorless, they are 100% pure silicone rubber, they do not contain any filler, peroxide or platinum type catalysts (cookers) are cured under high temperature, they provide easy and undisturbed mold removal, tear and tensile strength are excellent, they can be colored easily by adding pigment paste. . Firstly, it is used for the production of countless products such as medical transparent hose, turbocharger motor hose, electronic keypad, phone case, silicone wristband, roller, ice mold, pot handle, kitchen strainer and spatula, baby bib, snorkel, gasket and insulation wick. they are preferred.

Call us for more detailed information about HTV Silicone Rubber Doughs, pigment pastes, catalysts, release agents and other auxiliary additives used in Silicone Rubber Die Casting applications. Our expert team is ready to support you to get the right options with the features you are looking for.