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Known as fiberfill finish agent or silicone based elastomeric finish, TERRASOFT® OPE series OH polymer emulsions have been developed, effective and reliable to give polyester fiber yarn (PES) and fillers and polyester yarn-containing fabrics specific properties such as elasticity, splash effect, form stability and wrinkle-free. solutions.

TERRASOFT® OPE series produced as a high concentration of macro silicone emulsion are ideal for adding elasticity and splash effect to natural and synthetic filling fibers used in textile products such as furniture filling, bead fiber, wadding filling, toys, pillows, quilts, anorak thanks to their special functional groups. . These high-performance silicone-based elastomeric finishes are also used as a binder for non-wrinkle production and to give textile products such as tablecloths, sheets, bath curtains or shirting fabrics as non-wrinkle.

TERRASOFT® OPE series elastomeric finishes, which are used alone or in combination with TERRASIL® SILANE series crosslinkers, are preferred primarily by professional users due to their extraordinary performances and the benefits they add to the final product, depending on their intended use, purpose and elasticity expectation.

- They are water based

- They do not contain solvents and similar toxic substances

- They are in high concentration

- They can be diluted with water to the desired level.

- The active ingredient content is high

- Viscosities are optimal

- They dissolve easily and homogeneously in water

- They can also be mixed with other silicone oil emulsions.

- They provide elasticity and splash feature to fabric and filling fiber.
- It gives creasing feature, they provide form stability.
- They are resistant to washing and dry cleaning
- They can be used as binders in non-woven production.
- In addition to their elastomeric properties, they also provide low water absorption qualities.

- It also has color darkening and brightening effects.

- Storage and shelf life is long

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