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SILASTOSIL® PP pad printing series RTV Silicone Rubbers, developed for pad printing applications, are two-component liquid silicone rubbers that cure at room temperature, provide a high level of soft and flexible, excellent printing qualities. They are offered as standard with different softness alternatives, but it is possible to obtain silicone printing pads with the desired softness and extent by adding Silicone Oil to achieve the targeted level of softness and flexibility.

SILASTOSIL® PP series pad printing silicones, which provide pad printing on fabric, leather, glass, metal, wood, plastic, rubber, vinyl, composite and similar surfaces, are odorless, easy to use, have excellent flexural properties after curing, are resistant to chemicals and compressive strengths. is very good. Thanks to their excellent printing qualities, compatibility with different ink types, long lifetimes and cost-reducing qualities, these high quality pad printing silicones are primarily preferred for all types of pad printing and pattern transfer.

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