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Mold release agents, which are defined as process aids, are used in materials such as plastic, rubber, composite, polyurethane, polyester, metal, cement, glass wool and rock wool (insulation panel, insulation board) and mold casting method. Molded release agents of TERRASIL® MRA Mold Release Agent and TERRASIL® PRA Polyurethane Release Agent, which are produced based on water or solvent, are ideal for smooth, uninterrupted, weak, efficient and high quality manufacturing. These mold release agents, which exhibit unique performances in hot and cold die casting processes, reduce mold pollution, reduce mold usage cost and provide high usage comfort, are used effortlessly by methods such as spraying, spraying, dipping, driving and stripping:

- General Purpose Mold Release Agents

- Polyurethane Mold Release

- Light Alloy Metal Mold Release Agents

TERRASIL® MRA and TERRASIL® PRA mold release agents shoe and slipper sole, wooden imitation furniture piece, flexible polyurethane foam (flex polyurethane foam), seat and mattress sponge, polyurethane polish, insulation panel, rubber wedge, gasket, felt, hose, rubber motor parts, car tire, windscreen wiper, rubber mat, light alloy wheel, rubber wick, dilatation profile, fastener, bellows, conveyor belt, polyurethane filter, high precision filter, cement-based structural element, concrete plate, polyester and polyurethane giftware, They can be used safely in the manufacture of numerous products such as picture and mirror frames.

TERRASIL® series mold release agents, which are produced both in standard and special recipes in line with the sector and user needs, fully meet all expectations in casting and mold removal processes.

TERRASIL® developed for hot or cold die casting applications for NDI, MDI, MDI / TDI and TDI based flexible, rigid and semi rigid polyurethane foam, integral skin, RIM, R-RIM, S-RIM and elastomer polyurethane systems PRA Polyurethane Release Agent series polyurethane mold release agents are easy to use, cost-reducing and reliable solutions with high mold release performance, long-term mold release effect.

Polyurethane seat sponge, arm and head rests, steering wheel, engine and TERRASIL® PRA series polyurethane mold release agents used in the production of polyurethane objects such as oil filter, heat insulation board, sound insulation panel, air filter, shoe and slipper sole, high pressure resistant wheel, macaron, roller, furniture leg with wood look and carved decorative ornament. they perform perfectly. Apart from polyurethane, these process aids, which are also used in polyester, rubber, plastic, thermoplastic, EVA, composite and similar die casting applications, are produced and offered in water based and solvent based options:

- Water Based Polyurethane Mold Release Agents

- Solvent Based Polyurethane Mold Release Agents

TERRASIL® PRA series polyurethane release agents are primarily preferred by professional and institutional users due to their high performance in polyurethane casting applications and enabling excellent quality surfaces in the disassembled product. . These process assistants, which take care of employee health and environmental requirements, help to make applications at a high quality and competitive costs, are produced with special recipes created in line with user needs and meet the needs of today's polyurethane sector at the highest level.

TERRASIL® MRA Mold Release Agent series mold release agents produced in water-based alternatives using new generation silicone polymer and rubber technologies, primarily in the rubber and plastic manufacturing industries, polyurethane, polyester, composite, metal, light alloy metal, cement, clay, plaster They are high-performance, reliable and cost-oriented solutions developed for mold separation and mold removal processes in the sectors producing products with mold casting method from similar materials. ® MRA series release agents perform perfectly in the production of plastic, rubber, composite, metal, polyurethane and polyester products. In addition, TERRASIL® MRA series mold release agents, which are used in the production of heavy construction materials such as cement, gypsum, glass fiber, polyester and polyurethane containing construction and building decoration elements and precast concrete plates by die casting method, are preferred due to their benefits and advantages:

- They are water-based

- They are odorless

- They are ready for final use

- They can be easily diluted with water according to need

- Mold They spread homogenously, evenly and evenly on their surface

- They form a slippery, invisible transparent film layer (skin) on the surface

- Mold release effects are strong and long lasting

- They do not interact with the substances that make up the product, they do not spoil its structure.

- They do not cause any problem of air gap and porosity on the surface of the product.

> - Glossy or matt, excellent quality They provide surface appearances to the surface.

- After dismantling, the product can be painted, coated and glued.

- Resistant to chemicals and high temperatures

- Hot and cold die casting process They are suitable.

- Their heat stability is very good.

- They maintain their mold separation performance in wide temperature ranges.

- They do not form a layer of burning and charcoal soot in the mold. > - They increase the lifetime of the mold, reduce the cost of cleaning and maintenance

- They are economical, reduce the amount of mold release agent

- They allow fast, low-cost and low cost manufacturing

< p> - They save labor, energy and time. long

TERRASIL® MRA series water-based mold separately Apart from standard production recipes, they are also produced by specially prescribed according to user needs.

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