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Shoe and slipper sole, wooden imitation furniture parts and decorations, NDI, MDI and MDI / TDI based flexible or rigid polyurethane foam sponge, panel and sheet, polyurethane filter, car seat and furniture sponge, rubber engine parts, car tire and mat, auto The production of objects such as rim, concrete plate, cladding, sculpture, gift and frame are the main uses of TERRASIL® series release agents:

- General Purpose Mold Release Agents

- Polyurethane Mold Release

- Light Alloy Metal Mold Release Agents

TERRASIL® series release agents used in hot and cold die casting processes with methods such as spraying, spraying, dipping, brushing and stripping, perform excellent in mold removal processes. They form an invisible skin layer with permanent and high mold release effect on the mold surface, prevent the formation of soot, reduce mold pollution, significantly reduce the mold release cost due to their mold release performance, they are odorless, and they maximize the health and environmental requirements.

TERRASIL® series mold release agents, which are produced in accordance with the proven standard recipes, are also produced with special recipes in line with the specific needs of the users and fully meet all expectations in casting and mold removal processes.