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TERRASOFT® series micro and macro silicone oil emulsion type textile softeners, TERRAFLUID® series OH functional or polydimethylsiloxane silicone oils and TERRASOFT in leather finishing processes, developed to give the skin a balanced oily and lubricity, shine, resistance to cracking and scratching, as well as a soft touch. ® FINISH series aminofunctional silicone oils are effective and cost-effective solutions. These solutions, which are suitable for direct and long continuous contact with the skin, especially for the manufacture of leather products that are heavily exposed to challenging external factors such as shoes, car seats and bags, stand out due to their benefits and advantages:

- They are presented in high concentration or ready for final use.

- They are odorless

- They do not contain solvent

- They are highly fluid

- Spreads well on the surface and penetrates deeply and is absorbed

- They provide oily, slippery and natural gloss with a balanced moisture content.

- Long-lasting, permanent, smooth and vibrant shine is achieved

- They provide high resistance against physical stresses, water and acids.

- They provide resistance against aging, scratching, tearing and cracking.

- They provide abrasion resistance with a balanced humidity.
- They give full, flowy, smooth and soft touches that caress the skin.

- They give the skin flexibility, agility and wear resistance.

- They improve surface aesthetics, gain a sense of high quality and exclusivity.

- They provide long-term comfort in leather products.

- They also give the skin qualities such as water and oil repellency and stain resistant.

- They do not adversely affect the breathing ability of the skin.

- They do not contain poisonous, toxic and carcinogenic substances

- They are economical