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A strong future born from a breakthrough spirit ...TERRA was founded in 2008 by a professional staff of chemists, engineers and experts with a long history in chemistry. This output of the powerful breakthrough ideas, offering advanced technologies through strong partnerships with global producers of raw materials, to gain new insights into the chemicals sector and Turks in Turkey is contributing to the development of the industry.

We offer flexible solutions that can meet the needs of industries through our comprehensive and innovative product range that we have created on the basis of polymer technologies. Our comprehensive range of proven chemical raw materials and additives includes silicone polymers, silicone oils, silicone rubbers, silicone resins and binding agents, silanes, mold release agents, various auxiliary additives and fillers, and silicone rubber paints.

While offering flexible solutions to our customers through our comprehensive product range, we also recommend new application methods and support manufacturing processes to adapt these methods. Thanks to our know-how and experience in different sectors and application areas, we contribute to significant improvements in manufacturing processes and final product quality and to significantly reduce costs. In line with the principle of confidentiality, we support our customers in R&D, trial and application in many stages of the manufacturing process, from laboratory to packaging, and help them develop innovative formulas and high performance new generation products and reduce their costs. In this way, we support them to maintain their competitiveness and to seize new market opportunities. Because at TERRA, we work to add value to our customers' future.

Our vision is to be a reliable solution server for our customers and a reliable business partner for our suppliers. Within the scope of this vision we have, we constantly renew our duties and goals in line with the changing needs and market trends every day. The guarantee of our future is our progressive and innovative spirit that always drives us to discover better.